“I have had my Email readings done by Atell for more then 2+ years and she spot on and we have only had a phone session once the rest by emails. Mind you I have regular reader who I speak with and Atell who does my email aspect. Both are accurate and spot on it’s as if they know each other but they have never met. No matter the situation she can guide me through my toughest situations in life and I just want to say thank you. You are 100% accurate with my email readings and I would recommend you in a heart beat. Through email you have a true sense and talent due to your gift and I value that so much. Thank you always helping me in my time of need and stay blessed.” – Joy

“From the moment Atell answered the phone I could tell we were going to connect. Her kind spirit, patience and desire to truly benefit me was apparent. From the get go she was extremely accurate. Not one thing she said did not resognante with me. Every point she made was 100 percent accurate. I’m grateful I found her and am grateful for her God given gifts. Looking forward to continue to connect with her.” – Melissa

“My reading with Atell was fantastic, i find her to be very accurate and her reading left me feeling very uplifted and more positive about my current situation . My email readings are always prompt and i find her to be very compassionate and friendly, she is not only a psychic to me as she really has so much compassion when sh reads for me, she makes you feel so comfortable and she genuinely wants the best for her clients. i have been to many psychics before and i find Atell to be the best in my opinion i love her website and to book readings is so quick and easy.. Atell you are an earth angel , i will definitely be using her services again …”  – Tracylyn

“I have spoken with many psychics over the last 25 years. Even world famous ones.. Atell has a gift of knowing that is rare. I very much appreciate her guidance and insight..” – Eric

“Atell has been reading for me for a few years and I consult her quite regularly….a reading with her gives me insight, confirmation and
peace of mind. Atell is always spot on and I have absolutely no doubt that she is the real deal. I find Atell to be so humble, very compassionate, non-judgemental, very warm and oh so likeable. When I find myself wondering or worrying about something I just book a reading and have never regretted it. Thank you so much for the support Atell. :)” – Patricia

“Atell has been reading for me for quite some time now,, I can’t even begin to explain how much she has helped me. Each and every time she reads for me (and it is quite a lot), she amazes me with her accuracy. I honestly can not remember when she gave me any information that was not spot on. It is easy to get skeptical about advisors and people who state they are psychics and tarot card readers. However, there is not a bone in my body that ever wonders if this woman is for real. I know she has my best interest at heart. She is so humble!.She is the most gifted and genuine advisor/reader I have ever come across. Her abilities will floor you, she truly has been given a very rare ability to read people and situations like no one else. I honestly do not know what I would do without this woman and all the insight she gives me. She has a way of calming me with her readings, whether it is a phone reading or an email reading, it doesn’t seem to matter, I can actually hear her voice when I am reading my responses. Thank you for being the rare, beautiful soul that you are and for somehow coming into my world and making it such an easier and better place for me!” – Michele

“I have had 4 email readings done by Atell. She is very gifted! She was able to describe my situation with great accuracy. I have gone to other psychics, and have gotten what I thought were good readings, but Atells gift is superior in my opinion. For me it is her ability to clearly communicate what she sees, feels and believes in a resonating, compassionate and useful way. Next time, I am arranging a Skype even though I am on EST. It is worth the time and money.” – Ann

“I was amazed at Atell’s insight – I chose for her to begin the session and without me saying a word, she went directly to my concerns. Her insight is amazing and she is most definitely gifted. Atell is extremely kind and caring but at the same time tells you what you need to know. I will definitely have further reading with her.” – Jennifer

“Thanks again Atell! You tuned into my issue and provided me with great insight with little information from me. You were kind and non judgmental” – Krupa

“What an awesome soul you are! You are kind hearted and everything in the reading was spot on! You have a real gift! Thank you so much for this amazing experience.” – Liezl

“Absolutely wonderful! Gave me a lot of clarity and calmness about future events! She was very spot on about emotions and knew so much about people in my life on what kind of people they were. I for sure will be back!” -Alexis

“Atell’s reading set me at ease. Her compassionate, sensitive and honest recommendations calmed me immediately. Thanks to a great lady.” – Letty, South Africa

“I know Atell personally and have consulted her professionally and find her to be very professional, sensative, accurate and helpful. I can highly recommend her to anyone.” – Peppi

“From the first time I spoke to Atell she impressed me with her calm and clearheaded demeanour. She just inspires so much trust and has the ability to always set my mind at ease. More than once have I been left dumbfounded by her ability to accurately assess the dynamics of a situation that could not possibly have been known to her beforehand and from there, give sound advice on how to best deal with the situation, someone’s personality type, energy and behaviour – her perceptiveness in all of these areas is nothing short of astounding. She is one of the most humble, kind-hearted and truthful people I know, and meeting her has been like finding treasure!! I have recommended her to all my friends, and they share my view of her abilities wholeheartedly!!” – Ronél

“Atell’s psychic abilities are simply amazing. I really appreciate her email reading because it’s fast and makes it easier with the time difference. She gave me very accurate description about people and situation I asked about. Her answers are detailed and she also gives good guidance.” – K Klein, Canada

“Atell is a Wonderful Advisor. These past couple months I have turned to her for help with my struggles in a relationship. She has always been honest and accurate! She is the only psychic I would ever trust and believe in!!! thanks for all your insight and guidance.” – M Clancy

“Atell is wonderful! She is the only psychic I trust, I’ve had several readings from her and she is accurate, honest and supportive. I appreciate that she does not tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what she sees, and how you can change the situation since we all have free will. She is truly a professional and a gem. I would recommend her – the Reiki healing she does is amazing as well.” – T Sun

“Atell is absolutely amazing! She has a true gift, I have had her read for me a few times and she is never anything less than amazing! She has calmed me and brought peace when needed. Thanks so much Atell!” – M Clancy

“I had a telephone reading with Atell. Thank you for the information, the time you took to explain everything. Hoping all good will find me, and come true. Wonderful chat! A sincere and generous lady!” – Brad – Johannesburg, South Africa

“Thank you! I literally got chills reading this, you were spot on with everything.This insight is so helpful, I can’t thank you enough.” – Y Atkins

“Thank you Atell, This helps a lot , am very pleased with it! If I need any other advice or help in the future i’ll definitely contact you again!” Thanks again” – Adrienne

“Thank you sooo much for the reading…..very informative and helpful !!! I am looking at the situations positively and with more understanding” – Linda A

“WOW.  I had my first reading with Atell today and she was amazing.  I had my list of questions for her, but had her give me a general reading first regarding relationships.  She literally pegged my entire relationship situation in her general review that I did not have much to ask her after that!  She really was extremely accurate and put me at ease about my situation.  When I did ask a couple of specific questions it was like she was in my head as the responses she gave were what I had been thinking for awhile.  She is truly remarkable and well worth the time and money!
Thanks Atell, I look forward to our next reading in the future!” – D. Healy

“I want to thank you so much for tonight.  It was  the best reading I ‘ve gotten and before I could even say what was on my mind you knew. I will keep in contact with you without a doubt and call again for advice further down the road. Again thank you so much for helping me and instilling some confidence from within. I am grateful to have called you and spoke to you.  Please keep in contact!” – Anon

“Thank you for the previous reading, you were spot on about everything. My boyfriend got a job within a week of the email reading, I got another job within a few weeks and You are right about my new boss, its great.” – C Erasmus

“As always you are spot on! Thank you for the insight and advice its much appreciated.”

“My reading was absolutely awesome. I started off asking for a general reading before I asked any questions and Atell touched on the issue at hand immediately. I was impressed with the reading and especially with Atell’s gentle and caring nature” – – Jennifer

“Thank you Atell I must say you are so accurate“- – R Naidoo

“Thanks so much Atell. Much appreciated, I feel so much better now.” – – C Herringer

“I must say that you are blessed with a beautiful gift and hopefully I get to meet you some day. Your guidance has helped me tremendously, appreciate it much!” – – M Pillay

“Thank you once again for the reading yesterday which was really spot on.You had answered my questions before me even telling you what my questions where,you truelly have a divine gift.I have thought about all your advice and direction and now I feel I have some grounding and starting point in my life, thanks again and hope to keep in touch soon.” – – M Maharaj

“Atell provides quick responses and her readings are very insightful. She seemed to be aware of the limited time I had for my reading and did her best to accommodate all the questions I had within that time.” – – D Adams, Knoxville USA

“You are one of my favorite advisors. Your ability to pick up on people surrounding my situation and future events is nothing short of amazing.  Thank you for the support you offer; it’s clear that you genuinely care about your clients!” – – Gwen Thompson, Los Angeles USA

“Atell is great – I love her accent.  Her predictions have come true and her guidance for my situation has always been spot on. Thank you!” – – Mary Wilson, Rondebosch SA

“I’ve been coming to Atell for some time now and she’s fabulous.  She’s right on point and always so warm hearted.  Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you.” – Linda Helms, Dallas USA

“Atell is simply awesome!  She’s accurate, honest and genuine.  Thank you for your continued support and guidance.  Love and light.” – – Eunice P, Newark USA

“Her ability to pick up on everything pleasantly surprised me.  She was very accurate in her description and gave me a great time frame. She’s very connected and I’ll be back.” – Charles Stewart, Greenville USA

“I really enjoyed our time together.  You remind me of another advisor I frequently visit, and you’ve become one of my favorites. An excellent and honest reading. Thank you so much.” – M Venter, Bellville, SA

“Atell is genuine and knew key points of the situation without me prompting or providing background information.  I can’t thank her enough and strongly suggest giving her a try. She doesn’t disappoint.” – Ebony T, New Jersey

“Wonderful reading and I can’t wait to see the predictions come to pass. Atell is friendly and immediately sets your mind at ease. She’s easy to talk to and delivers information quickly. Thank you!” – Barbara Hernandez

“I just had an incredible session.  I’ve spoken to another advisor and the insights and predictions left me feeling bewildered and helpless.  Atell calmed me down and answered all my questions. She’s honest and accurate but delivers her readings in a compassionate way.” – Bettie Eksteen, Heidelberg

“My reading with Atell was brilliant. All I gave her was the topic I needed insight on and she told me exactly what was going on without asking me anything.  Her insight into the situation was spot on. She’s worth the money.” – Sherri Watkins, Brackenhurst


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